Wildcat Creek Woodlands and Apiaries











Wildcat Creek Woodlands and Apiaries had its origins in 2016 when Chris Watson and his son Samuel, then age 9, decided to try their hand at beekeeping. Starting with 2 colonies, making many mistakes, enduring quite a few bee stings, and learning a great deal, they are now up to about 20 colonies, and looking to continue to increase. In 2018, they decided to venture into syrup production by tapping some Sugar Maples they had on their property in Lafayette. In 2019, Wildcat Creek Woodlands and Apiaries officially came into existence. It is still a fledgling business, concerned with being able to have a stable supply of high quality products to offer the community.


Wildcat Creek Woodlands and Apiaries currently offers maple and black walnut syrups for sale at The Sunspot Natural Market, and are currently in the process of bringing their honey products to the market as well.