Terra Meraki Farm & Homestead











Terra Meraki Farm & Homestead LLC was established in September 2018. Brad Henry and Amanda Hosier are extremely passionate about natural and healthy living, because they have both been really sick in the past. They now grow clean food, because they believe in the power of healing through proper nutrition and sustainability!

Terra means land and Meraki is a Greek word for putting one’s love, soul, and creativity into everything you do. They chose this name because it sums up what they believe in.

Terra Meraki offers pastured pork products, free-range eggs, grass-fed lamb, and hope to offer a variety of organic produce as time goes on.

Their mission is to provide nutrient-dense food while nourishing the land and the animals that nourish our bodies. They specialize in an all natural, non-GMO approach that is free of pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, and confinement. Animal welfare is a top priority for Terra Meraki and they strive for sustainability in all that they do!