Stoney's Sourdough Pizza Co. was created to offer Kokomo a Fresh (& Delicious) take on Pizza. Inspired by true artisan Sourdough bread, their pizzas are made with a real Sourdough crust that is made from scratch every morning. True Sourdough requires only 3 ingredients: Flour, Water & Salt. Sourdough is an ancient leavening method that occurs when flour & water are set out to ferment. Once fermented, gas bubbles are created which naturally makes the dough rise. This is an all-natural alternative to adding yeast (or chemicals) to make dough rise. Lactobacillus "Good" Bacteria & Wild Yeasts are present during the fermentation of Real Sourdough giving it numerous health benefits, including regulating blood sugar, aiding digestion and breaking down gluten. They offer a variety of Pizzas, Sandwiches, Breadsticks & Garlic Cheese Bread all handmade from their Organic Sourdough using 100% Certified Organic Flour for everything! Freshly-Baked Sourdough Bread is also available in their shop.