Robinson Farms










The Robinson family has had one focus since the beginning - wholesome farming. We have been farming on this land for more than 5 generations. In 2015 we received the Sesquicentennial (150 years) Hoosier Homestead Award - acknowledging that our farm has remained in the same family since it's founding.

What began as a small homestead in Northern Indiana has now grown into a multi-faceted operation with a steadfast commitment to sustainability. We accomplish this in part by the use of non-GMO seeds and utilizing the manure from our ducks on crops, greatly reducing the need for synthetic fertilizers.

Our commitment to taking care of our community and the environment goes into every product that leaves our farm. When you see the "Robinson's Farms" logo on top of your

eggs, you know that they are hand gathered and packaged, and that care was given to each and every container.

The corn we grow on about 200 acres a year with nothing but duck manure, could go to the feed mills to be made into duck feed pellets that can return right back to the farm.  The very definition of farm sustainability.

Whether growing spearmint for Wrigley's gum in the 1920's to growing NGMO soybeans for Whole Foods today, our family is proud of our participation in the food chain of America