Marcia Blacklidge

Marcia is a member of the Sault Ste Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
Marcia's father was born on Mackinac Island. She comes from a long line of Shamans.

She was born in East Lansing, MI but raised in Indiana. Marcia's great, great, great grandmother, Elizabeth Lozon, was a medicine woman, healer, and shaman. Over the years she has visited Marcia through her dreams, in meditations, and during sweat lodges. During these times she taught Marcia the ways of their people and many shamanic practices.
Gitche Manitou, the Great Spirit, or God, flows through all things, everywhere, at all times. In the Chippewa tradition, each child of God is on a journey to discover their "true Self" and the gifts the God has bestowed upon them, to nurture, develop, and give back into the world. Each person has a special place in God's world. To aid in this discovery process, God has instructed his beloved animal kingdom to be available to guide and help when called upon.
Although many animals may help a person during their lives, each person has a special animal that can help them specifically in their discovery process. One of Marcia's gifts from the Great Spirit is art. She has been inspired to use this gift to create individual works of art she calls "Spirit Totems." Each of these spirit totems represents an animal, and she gives a brief description of the teachings this animal brings to the world. As you look over the spirit totems, you many feel one "tugging" at your heart. Many people are already aware of the spirit animal helper, and if you do not find yours among those totems displayed, Marcia would be happy to create one for you.

The world can be a confusing place to walk through. These totems are meant to be gentle reminders as troubled times enter your world, you are not alone, and you, with God's help, have what you need inside yourself to move through the current darkness, into a brighter day.

I will end with a Chippewa saying very near and dear to my heart.
"When you were born; you cried,
And the World rejoiced.
May you live such a life that
When you die,
You rejoice!