Keri Safranksi










Keri Safranski has been a wood engraving printmaker for 35 years. Her work has been seen in nationally juried shows such as: 60 Square Inches (Pudue University) in 1994, 1996, and 2002; Ottawa Gallergy National Print Exposition in 1995, and the Wood Engravers Third and Fourth Triennial Exhibition in 2017 and 2020. She is a member of the Wood Engravers Network. Keri's prints are wood engravings made with end grain maple blocks and engraving tools. A drawing is transferred to the block and then carved (carved areas appear white in the print and uncarved areas appear black). The finished carved block is then inked and pressed onto printing paper. She often hand tints many of her finished prints. These gorgeous prints are then made into greeting cards, sold here at The Sunspot Natural Market!