Farming For Life










Farming for Life operates on a three acre regenerative farm in North Indiana. Their goal is restoring the soil and the life therein to sustainability, so that outside inputs are required less and less. The high nutrient density of their produce and fermented products promote sustainability of health in our customers. Based on the work of the Weston A Price Foundation, Farming for Life started producing lactic acid wild fermented foods and drinks 16 years ago . Their passion is to 'long ferment' and produce the most nutritionally and biologically dense foods that promote digestion and intestinal health .

Currently, they have 82 imported European crocks that are used for fermentation. All of their production is done in a certified kitchen. Right from the crock into jars, these products are refrigerated to keep the live cultures in them in a semi-dormant state for good preservation.They currently offer a variety of traditionally cultured vegetables, sauerkrauts, kim chis, veggie pickles, fermented beans, kvasses, kombuchas, juns, kombucha-juns, and their very popular fermented Super Tonic made of a variety of roots and veggies that are spicey and traditionally valued for their anti-inflammatory properties.