Circle City Kombucha











While our community stretches everywhere that Circle products are found, it all starts in America's Heartland, Indianapolis. As is the Midwest way, we prioritize neighborly love and partner with those around us. We also focus on affordability so that all our neighbors can be in our Circle.

We seek out produce, herbs, teas, and botanicals that create well-rounded flavors for a diversity of palates. Balanced taste is the goal. Never an extreme, but extremely refreshing.

All Circle beverages are rich with high quality, functional ingredients. But perhaps more important is what we are committed to keep out of them. Our promise is to always strive for low-to-no added sugar, but instead flavor our beverages with wholesome, good-for-you ingredients.

Environmentally friendly practices affect all that we do as a company and as humans. At Circle we invest in sustainable ingredients, processes, packaging, and distribution. It isn't the easy way, but it's the way we believe in and that our customers trust.